Automated Online Business

Full Dropshipping for the business customers

In this place, you are an enterpreneur where your business works for yourself.

Your future online shop includes everything you need in order to perform a professional sales.

Your business in a one place

As ECAT, we are aware of the problems that occur on the way of newly-introduced owners of the online shops. Choosing our solution guarantees the security and support in each and every step of your business path.

Business Management Center

The ECAT Manager enables functioning of few online shops without the need of switching the accounts- you can manage all of the online shops through one account. This is your personalised business management center with the full support from our side.

No investment risk

ECAT controlls all the changes made by the wholesalers, implementing the changes and updates automatically to your online shop. Thanks to this function your business always delivers the up to date and the best offer in the market

Unlimited opportunities

All of the businesses need both money and time. Being a part of ECAT you are in a partnership with us- people that help you deelop and thrive within your business by delivering and supporting you in supply chain management.

Business Model

As ECAT's partner, we give you a set business model. The only task you are ask for is to manage the marketing, thus there is an option for you to get a marketing help by extanding your package for the one with marketing agency support.

Full support

Having a solid support is a basic for every business. Therefore, ECAT treats the customer as our business partner, alongside with whom we secure the best business solutions for your business. The rule is WIN WIN.

Imagine a business on an autopilot.

Isn't it the main reason why every enterpreneur decides to start a business?

Professional online shop

The online store is your asset that works for you. Fast, adapted to mobile devices, managed from one place and fully configured are just a few advantages of the solution you will receive.

Marketing Agency

In case you decide to entrust your marketing to specialists, you get a fully automatic business where the customer service and contacts are handled by ECAT. The marketing on the other hand, is managed by a professional agency that will take care of increasing profits in your business.

A giant product base

Over 150 wholesalers where you have access to over 350,000 products. Thanks to this, in one place you will receive the largest database of goods without any investment risk, since we handle the shipment of goods with ECAT delivering you a peace of mind.


Billing center

Running a business has never been easier. Managing all of the orders from one place where your only task is to observe the emerging profits from sales in stores.

Order fulfillment system

As ECAT, we are aware of all of the employment and logistics costs in the eCommerce industry could exceed 50% of your profits. In the case of ECAT cooperation, you receive full logistic support from order processing to customer service on your behalf.

Returns and complaints

Over 80% of stores close in the first three months because the owners did not foresee the consequences and difficulties they will face. We have introduced a security buffer so that returns and order processing are on our side.

Online Business Management Center

The most advanced system of managing your online stores

Imagine opening a business in which you do not have to hire employees, incur costs or worry about whether everything is going as it should. From now on, you manage the business from one place – in fact, you can see the profits from all stores in one place!

150 available wholesalers

340,000 products from various industries!

From now on, you can start doing business in any industry. ECAT owns the best products which we make available in full a few minutes after starting cooperation.

The perfect solution

The packages for every budget!


Choose among our solutions which one is the most appropriate for you.

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Automated business

Choosing the ECAT solution is choosing the time for yourself!

Do you own the business or let the business own you? 

You will probably agree with us that an ideal business is one in which all processes are fully automated and 95% of everything works without own participation, and the only role of the owner is to control and scale this business.

In most businesses, it’s not that simple. Entrepreneurs have to face high costs, low profitability, the human factors and, in many cases, enormous stress in order to ensure the success of the enterprise.

At ECAT, we have created a system that allows entrepreneurs to enjoy life, have time for themselves and their loved ones, all thanks to the fact that you have professionals on board in your business that you do not have to pay for.

The WIN WIN principle is our priority, i.e. we earn when you earn.

A perfect solution for:

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We ensure the stability of your business growth at every step of cooperation with us.

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No risk is the greatest value we can provide for your business.


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We ensure the stability of your business growth at every step of cooperation with us.

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No risk is the greatest value we can provide for your business.


ecat manager

Modern Online Business

Open your business in the fastest growing industry in the world!


You register an account with the manager

You select a store from the catalog

You run marketing

I have been running my company for 12 years, but when I opened stores in ECAT, I saw what a business should be. I hired professionals. After all, I have time for myself and my loved ones. Thank you.

Aneta Bzibiak


I have always dreamed of a business in which I can count on professionals and not bear the costs of their employment. There were no such clear and fair rules of cooperation on the market.

Tadeusz Stabrawa


In cooperation with ecat, I liked the professional approach. The quality of service is at a very high level, which I felt in the first days of cooperation.

Piotr Peszek


Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t need your own business to have your e-shop online. By working with us, you can achieve unlimited income, which you settle at the end of the year on the basis of PIT 36 and Appendix ZG (income from abroad).

Yes of course. You can work with us on the basis of a cooperation agreement and settle accounts on the basis of issuing an invoice at the time chosen by you for the amount of profit earned.

People running a business – settle the payment of profits on the basis of the issued invoice, and if they are VAT payers, they increase the amount of profit by 23% VAT. The invoice is issued for a Polish company.

The method of paying commissions for entrepreneurs always depends on the territory of the country in which the store is operated. The payment is made on the basis of an invoice in the settlement with an operating company separate for each country, or the central one if there is no operating company in the country where the store is operated.

Natural person – I am starting cooperation with the company ECAT Marketing LTD (in the process of creation) dealing with outsourcing marketing activities to attract customers to online stores throughout Europe. It is this company that pays commissions in the form of transfers to the account, BTC or ETH to the person who earned the commission. The natural person settles according to the regulations of the country in force in the given country of residence. Most often, Pit 36 ​​and ZG obtained foreign income.

The commission is always calculated on the generated profit and amounts to 30%. This means that if you have no sales in a given month, you will not pay us any fees. Your remuneration is as much as 70% of the profits generated in a given online store on the visible amounts.

Until the end of the year, in line with the promotion we have introduced, we do not charge this commission. All the profit from sales goes to you.

If you sell your own products, we will take 5% of the sales.

It is not necessary to sign a cooperation agreement, if the client wishes, we can conclude one. The regulations in the manager contain all the elements of the contract, its acceptance is sufficient. The agreement is the acceptance of the regulations when registering to the ECAT Manager.

You can terminate your cooperation with us at any time. There are no contractual penalties for the lack of generated income or for closing the e-shop at any time. At ecat, you are the owner of your store from the very beginning. If in the future you would like to resign from our solutions, the store will still be your property. Only the products you downloaded from our database will disappear.

We handle orders, returns and complaints in your online store. We also handle your customer service. All matters related to accounting and invoicing are also on our side. By establishing cooperation with us, you are prepared for them and you do not have to worry about these issues.

Our company comprehensively supports your store through constant contact with the customer. All inquiries about preferences, parameters of a given product and delivery date – the client directs to us. Thanks to this, you have time to effectively advertise your store in the media and on social networks.

Of course, you also have a choice and you can also contact your customers on your own. We give you access to emails and communication with customers.

Your main task is to promote and advertise your own store. We give you ready-made solutions, and we also serve your customers, making sure that they come back to you with a smile on their face. During this time, you should look for new places on the web where you can talk about your products, such as social networks (Facebook) or display your products on sales platforms (Allegro).

Therefore, marketing activities in the store, product promotion and sales remain on your side.

By creating paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, displaying products on sales platforms, e.g. on Allegro. If you decide on the PREMIUM package, you will receive from us full integration and configuration with Allegro, which we will do for you. We have also prepared materials for you, thanks to which you will learn how to operate in social media and promote your products.

You can withdraw your sales profits every day in the ecat manager using the methods available in the e-Wallet tab. As of today, it is a transfer to an account or a withdrawal in BTC.

We have already established the minimum prices for products in the store. After logging in to the manager, you will see the net price in the store, the margin on the selected product and the exact profit on sales. Of course, you can increase the margin at any time.

The most frequently chosen package is the PREMIUM package, where you will receive from us a fully configured store with social media materials, thanks to which you will start promoting and selling faster. Additionally, you get full integration with Allegro. Of course, the choice depends on your skills and technical knowledge. If you can create a store yourself, choose the ecat plugin, thanks to it you will get access to our product database and to every warehouse that is integrated with our system.

Yes, you need to register with the ecat manager. Registration will take you literally a few seconds. Then we will add the finished store you bought to your account.

Yes, after purchasing the selected store, write to a request for a VAT invoice. Provide the invoice details in the e-mail to reduce the waiting time.

After purchasing the store, you will receive a tutor who will contact you and provide you with all the materials from the package you choose. You will also get access to the Premium group and materials for promotion in social media.

Work with professionals

At ECAT, we work on your business as if it were our business!

PREMIUM SHOP - on request

  • Free access to all wholesalers – lifetime license
  • handling orders, complaints and returns
  • Logo (two suggestions), shop name (three suggestions) and graphic design
  • Set categories and loaded products
  • product limit – 2000
  • Access to the ecat Academy and PREMIUM training materials
  • Active affiliate program
  • Graphics and templates for social media
  • Multistore for 3 months

5997 zł


Annual license:
249 zł


Lifetime license:
1129 zł

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