Frequently Asked Questions

Form of cooperation

No, you don’t. Income that you will achieve thanks to cooperation with us, you settle at the end of the year on the basis of PIT 36 and Annex ZG (income from abroad).

Yes. You can work with us on the basis of a cooperation agreement and settle accounts by issuing an invoice in the amount of the profit generated at the moment you choose.

It depends on you – whether you want to set up your e-shop yourself from scratch, free of charge, or use a comprehensive solution, which is a ready-made online store.

The costs are related to the choice of the type of services we offer. It is possible to purchase:

  • ECAT plugins, if you have a WooCommerce store,
  • a ready store from the Mini package,
  • a ready store from the Premium package,
  • shop to order,
  • Details can be found in the “Price list” tab,
  • Payment for the store is a one-time payment, depending on the selected option, the price includes additional options. After a year, the cost of the server (PLN 460) and the domain must be renewed – this is determined individually (PLN 10-100),
  • Running a store in the basic option, without any extensions and additions, will not involve any fixed monthly fees. Only our commission should be included, as we will be professionally servicing your shop at all times. It is calculated from the generated profit and amounts to 5%. This means that if you have not sold anything in a given month – we do not charge any fee. And if there are your products in the e-shop – it is 5% of the sale amount.

The commission is calculated on the generated profit and amounts to 5%. This means that if you have not sold anything in a given month – we do not charge any fee. And if there are your products in the e-shop – it is also 5% of the sale amount.

Income is obtained from the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price.

  1. You select a store from the catalog
  2. You select products from all our wholesalers and / or add your own products.
  3. If you have not commissioned us with such a service, you start marketing activities in your e-store, that is:
    1. you set up an e-shop with Allegro
    2. you promote the e-shop on social media
    3. you set up paid ads (Google Ads, Facebook Ads).
  4. After the customer purchases the product, ECAT orders it from the warehouse. This one deals with the shipment of goods. ECAT issues an invoice to the customer.
  5. In the full dropshipping model, ECAT deals with customer service (questions about product features, order status, returns, invoicing). You get technical and e-shop support all the time.
  1. When working with us as an individual, the only tax you pay is income tax. It is settled annually on the basis of PIT 36 and Annex ZG (income from abroad) If you run a business, you are obliged to settle your invoices from your income in a given month or quarter – depending on when you issue them.

You can terminate your cooperation with us at any time by terminating the contract with a one-month notice. There are no contractual penalties for non-income or e-shop closure.

Full dropshipping

The principle is simple: we provide you with a tool in the form of an e-shop integrated with many wholesalers, which we serve ourselves (customer inquiries, returns, complaints), your task (if you have not ordered such a service) is to actively promote it.

ECAT. This form of cooperation is the best for you, because wholesalers provide this service for a fee, which in this model you completely bypass you.

The cost of integration and the dropshipping subscription fee charged by each wholesaler is about PLN 100 net per month. Everything is free with us. You do not incur any costs related to integration with any number of wholesalers.

ECAT. We issue a personal or company invoice immediately after the payment is credited to the account and send it in electronic form to the customer’s e-mail address.

The order placed by the customer is automatically transferred to the wholesaler by our system. Hence, order processing is immediate. The time of shipment of the goods depends only on the transport company with which the given warehouse has a signed contract. Usually this is in the range of 1-3 business days.

Yes. Prices can always be negotiated along with the development of cooperation or after fulfilling the loyalty program. ECAT is responsible for all negotiations with wholesalers.

In this case, you must manually delete one of these products in the ECAT Manager.

After adding several items from different wholesalers to the shopping cart, the customer will see the total price for the shipment in it.

They are supported by ECAT. You don’t receive any merchandise that leaves or returns to the store.

The customer pays for his order by transferring funds directly to our company’s account. On the other hand, all transactions and their settlements are saved on your ECAT Manager account. Remember that you have the option of invoicing and paying out your profit at any time.

All inquiries regarding the parameters of a given product or the delivery date are directed to us by the customer. We are in constant contact with him.

Thanks to the comprehensive implementation of this service, you do not have to worry about returns that are not accepted by most wholesalers. If you were to do it yourself, your inventory could expand and you would freeze funds instead of investing. It is similar in the case of complaints based on damage caused by the manufacturer’s fault or other mechanical damage.

Our products from all wholesalers are available in the ECAT Manager. After registering, you should add an example store in the Your stores> Management> Add store tab. If the name is taken you will get an error, so please change it in this case. After adding the store correctly, select the Select button. This way, we will unlock the Products> Available products tab, where you can filter them by wholesalers and categories.

Orders are processed after the payment is made by the customer. The deadline, however, is individual, depending on the wholesaler. Most often it will ship immediately after receiving the funds or confirming the payment.

The complaint procedure is described in detail in the regulations of each store.

You can use them on the e-shop’s website and on its social media profiles. However, if you want to post photos on Allegro type marketplaces, you must obtain the consent of the wholesaler.

Not. But everyone in our system does this.

ECAT Manager

He informs that we have not selected the store in the Your stores -> Management tab. In it, or more precisely – in the Actions column, click Select.

Yes. However, we recommend that these should be a maximum of 2-3 wholesalers. This will give your customers lower shipping prices.

Yes. In the Products in the store tab, we select specific goods. Then, in the Select action field, click on the Assign category option. Next, in the Select a store category field, select the category we are interested in, click Apply and Save settings and modify products in the store.

In the Show field, we can increase this value, but we suggest that it be 50 or 100.

In the Your stores -> Products tab, enter Products in the store, select the ones you want to remove and press the red button Delete products.

Yes. After logging in, click the MultiStore button located at the e-mail address in the profile section. All possible plans will then be displayed.

In WordPress, in the Products tab, click Add new and then fill in its data. Then in the WooCommerce tab, click Settings -> ECAT and set the shipping cost below. The entire process of handling your own products is yours.

Go to the Your stores tab, then Management. In the table with the name of the e-shop, select Delete. Then unplug the ECAT plug from your WordPress store, remove all products in the store (and on Allegro) and send us a message ([email protected]) – we will then delete your account in our system.

net wholesale price – wholesale price excluding tax for a given product

mark-up – a number expressed as a percentage (%), if the price of the product is increased

number of pieces – the number of pieces of a specific product in the warehouse

quantity sold – how many products have been sold in our system

profit 30/70 – profit distribution between the company and the operator

your profit – profit from the sale of a given product

transport price – shipping methods and their price

in how many stores – in how many stores the product is displayed

category – to which category in our system a specific product is assigned.


Your main task is to promote and advertise your own store, unless you order such a service from us. It is worth looking for new places on the web where you can advertise your products – social networks, blogs, forums, VOD channels with product presentations, etc. Observe the competition, take care of an interesting visual setting of your website, pay attention to the content it contains. position it in the search engine.

The prices on your website are the final gross prices offered to the customer. They consist of the amounts for which we bought the goods in the warehouse and your profit.

Yes. You should even do it to encourage the customer to your offer.

Yes. You can create your own loyalty system or use ours. It has been set up to benefit you financially as well.

When opening a given e-shop from scratch or buying a ready-made one, you choose the categories yourself, e.g. child -> car seats, but the assortment is randomly selected from many different wholesalers. All this to make your sales offer as varied as possible. If we only used one warehouse, we would be no different from an e-shop that is already operational.

You can expand your e-store at any time by buying new marketing products that make it more recognizable on the Internet. Based on the reports and analyzes provided by our system, you will be able to see what actions you need most at a given moment. Or you can benefit from our expertise in this area.

Thanks to our professional PrestaShop store platform, your customers can enter comments under the given products. This increases the credibility of the e-shop on the market.

Think about what is important to you while shopping? The lowest price on the market or a trusted seller? Online sales work exactly the same. The customer wants to be sure that he has chosen a good product from a trusted seller. In line with this principle, work on your trust among customers on the Internet and remember – with a low price alone you will not win against the competition.

Yes. Sometimes it is enough to refresh the advertising banner on the main page to give the e-shop a fresh look and encourage you to buy products again. So let’s take care of it.

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. In each category, we can select a list of products that sell the best. But their popularity will also change with the seasons, seasons circumstances or holidasys and celebrations. If you do not yet know what product range you want to offer, it is worth analyzing the sales results from various platforms. When you start working with us, you will receive free access to such reports. Then you will be able to decide on your own or with our help, what is worth betting on.

Some wholesalers have retail stores. They work just like the others. The prices shown there also include the margin for the retail customer – so they are similar.

You can compete with them with the quality of service, marketing activities, free shipping, margin reduction, and specific promotions on individual products.


In the ECAT Manager, select the item Increase your profit. Enter the amount next to it using the dot “.”.

In the ECAT Manager, double-click the value in the Increase Profit column and enter 0 (zero).

This can only be done by issuing customer vouchers.

Ul. Olszewskiego 36, 32-600 Oświęcim
Tel. 22 266 24 00,732 082 150
Put the contact number in the header, footer and on the Contact page

Yes. E-mails are sent from CRM, correspondence with customers goes to the order tracking card.

In premium (catalog) e-shops, we redirect the e-mail. We set up the mailbox [email protected] and it goes to the address [email protected]

If you have your domain and you have not purchased a ready-made premium e-shop from us, you have to create an inbox and redirect yourself. You will be able to view your mail if you check the Keep mail on the server option.

Check the checklist, thanks to which you can check if everything in your e-shop is properly set up. [the entire text should be a link to the checklist] You can also commission us to check your store by selecting a store audit. We will analyze the functionality, usability, marketing, efficiency and security of the store. Check the details. [the words Check the details should be a link redirecting to a place where it can be checked]

Please write Marketing Services on the invoice.


Annual license:
249 zł


Lifetime license:
1129 zł

PREMIUM SHOP - on request

  • Free access to all wholesalers – lifetime license
  • handling orders, complaints and returns
  • Logo (two suggestions), shop name (three suggestions) and graphic design
  • Set categories and loaded products
  • product limit – 2000
  • Access to the ecat Academy and PREMIUM training materials
  • Active affiliate program
  • Graphics and templates for social media
  • Multistore for 3 months

5997 zł

PREMIUM SHOP - on request

  • Free access to all wholesalers – lifetime license
  • handling orders, complaints and returns
  • Logo (two suggestions), shop name (three suggestions) and graphic design
  • Set categories and loaded products
  • product limit – 2000
  • Access to the ecat Academy and PREMIUM training materials
  • Active affiliate program
  • Graphics and templates for social media
  • Multistore for 3 months

5997 zł


Annual license:
249 zł


Lifetime license:
1129 zł